FastThoughts on 5 Bible Apps: What Bible Apps Should you use?

Bible apps have become a big part of the Christian life. Having a good Bible app to read and understand the word of God has become a necessity. Here are a couple of Bible apps I suggest and my thoughts about each. I pray you found the Bible app for you.

YouVersion Bible App

A free app designed for daily reading and prayer. It has a multitude of translations and devotionals along with fun social features. It’s a must-have for every Christian desiring to engage with the Bible and other Christians daily.

Bible Gateway

A free app with easy to use features and a ton of exclusive resources. An affordable subscription makes this app a great entry point for serious Bible study.


A paid iOS only Bible app that offers an excellent reading experience. Despite the limited features and translations, it gives you a beautiful and customizable visual design that is great for the minimalist reader.

Net Bible

A unique translation optimized for in-depth study. The app gives you a myriad of footnotes that go into detail about biblical context and the translation process. It is a valuable resource for any Christian that wants deeper insight into the Bible.

Logos Bible App

An all-in-one Bible study app with a massive library and useful features. The app is free and offers great free resources and features, but the app is supercharged by an affordable subscription or a more expensive upgrade plan. The skies the limit with Logos with constant updates and a store with resources, ebooks, and more. Great for Christians that want to take their Bible study to the fullest.

Those are my suggestions, now what are your favorite Bible apps? Also what apps would you like to hear more about?