Chase The Son is a project by Chase Carrington with a goal of studying, explaining and sharing the Bible in YouTube videos.

Who is chase Carrington?

Chase Carrington
Chase Carrington is aChristian teen that’s going to change the world with my talents & ideas💡

Chase Carrington is a :

  • Christian homeschool graduate
  • speaker
  • photographer
  • videographer
  • writer

His goal? To change the world for Christ with his God-given talents.

Why Chase The Son?

The Meaning

The Chase The Son name has long endured in Chase’s career online. It was initially inspired by Chase’s first name and his desire to find a name for his personal podcast. Though partially inspired by a song with a similar title, the name has a balance between the original and the memorable.

The name:
-proclaims the goal to chase after the Son, Jesus the Christ.
-Says that Chase is the son of the king, our LORD.
-It reflects the objective to chase something brighter and more powerful than the sun, the wisdom of our Heavenly Father.

The Logo

Chase The Son Logo
Chase The Son Logo Circa ????

The Logo has been left unchanged since its origin since it perfectly reflects the identity of the project and its creator. It is a figure running into the sun with the rays forming the letter C. Chase is rather attached to his logo (that he made himself) and has used it as his personal emblem for years. The Chase The Son Logo represents Chase and his project well.

Chase The Son Videos

Chase The Son creates videos that make biblical topics visual and informative. His videos are categorized into different topics and styles as listed below.

The Bible Explained

The Bible Explained YouTube Playlist

Videos explaining bible questions, topics and passages.

Verse Study

Verse Study YouTube Playlist

Video where we study a verse and examine its meaning. Often find new meaning in popular verses.


Monologue about Christian topics, issues or events.


Fast 90 second thoughts on various Christian topics.

The Chase Carrington Show

Live show where Chase does Bible activities LIVE.